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Aerodynamics Swiss Air Racing Team


Reno Air Race

Back in 2012, RUAG started to teaming closely with the Swiss Air Racing Team ( to follow a specific goal: To win the legendary Reno Air Races, taking place in Reno (NV), USA, every September. Already in 2013, this goal was achieved, and Vito Wyprächtiger beat his opponent in a breath taking finish and won the formula one class for the first time. The team therefore used a newly produced RUAG turtle deck. Since then, further minor improvements have been implemented to the Scarlett Screamer aircraft to make it more competitive, year by year.

2016 – a successful year, again!

The Formula One Gold event of the 53rd Reno Air Races took place under clear skies on September 18, 2016 with Swiss Air Racing Pilot Vito Wyprächter starting the race from second position. Vito had originally placed third during qualification; however he was promoted to second, when fellow-favorite Steve Senegal was relegated.

The eight-lap F1 race began at 11.05 am, with competition on the 3.12-mile circuit remaining fierce throughout. Vito valiantly defended his position against challenges from Justin Phillipson and Jordon James; however, his average speed of 234.87 mph was insufficient for him to catch race leader Lowell Slatter in his plane "Fraed Naught". The American from Idaho roared across the finish line with a lead of around 30 seconds.

Vito Wyprächter has notched up a number of successes with the Swiss Air Racing team and their aircraft "Sacrlet Screamer". Most notably in 2013, when Vito became the first foreign competitor ever to win a Formula One race in Reno. 2016 is the third consecutive year in which Vito has taken 2nd place on the podium for the Swiss Air Racing team. It may also mark the end of an era, as "Scarlet Screamer" approaches retirement. The Swiss Air Racing team is currently considering designs for a new aircraft that will continue to build on their successes. Therefore, it is only apt that "Scarlet Screamer" should finish Reno 2016 and her racing career on a high.

Congratulations to the entire Swiss Air Racing team for their outstanding achievements at this year’s National Championship Air Races in Reno.