Instrumentation and Balances


RUAG Aviation’s instrumentation specialists are actively engaged in serving you promptly and efficiently. This means that all our experience, engineering skills and workmanship flow timely into your measurement needs.

Strain Gauge Balance

Through the long time experience in wind tunnel testing, RUAG Aviation is able to engineer, design and build trusted strain gauge balances. These balances provide the necessary accurate data for various wind tunnels worldwide as well as for the RUAG in-house research labs.

Besides the standard block type balance family, RUAG Aviation designs balances for high and dynamic loading as well as for wheel and model component measurements.

Balance Families

Two balance families are available, each with a number of scaled balances: Standard type series 1xx and high-load series 7xx. In order to simplify the critical selection process RUAG provides a selection tool based on EXCEL spreadsheat (see download section). You only have to enter the maximum measurement loads and a suitable selection is shown.

In addition to our families we  provide customized solutions such as multicomponent rotating shaft balances inclusive data transmission,  wing/wheel balances for car models or balance crossings.

Control Systems

In order to conduct precise and repeatable motion paths in a modern test environment, reliable and close coupled control systems are needed. A mechatronic system support is indispensable if a coordination between numerous multi-axis systems under loaded conditions has to be ensured. RUAG Aviation covers a broad spectrum in the design, development and realization of modern control systems, test benches and its necessary adapted infrastructure.

  • multi axis model manipulators
  • model control system for wheel-chassis coordination during automotive testing
  • controlled wake measurement equipment
  • adapted system solution for hardware and software supported by LabVIEW applications
  • data acquisition and reduction system
  • mechanical and hydraulical test benches
  • LabVIEW based model manipulator system
  • Shaker Model actuator system for dynamic driving modeling.

Technical papers on new developments and product characteristics can be found in the media centre section.